Best summer shorts for women to wear all season long headline


Best summer shorts for women to wear all season long


The most stylish shorts you can take and wear right now

Shorts are the main trend in women's summer clothing. Today, it is difficult to imagine more versatile and comfortable clothes for the hot season.

And denim is the king among all other fabrics for shorts. This is not a random choice. Denim is not just a material, it is a base that allows us to create a bunch of completely different looks.

Ripped or distressed denim shorts to choose?

Thanks to this incredible fabric we can create an absolutely unique piece of clothing in minutes without any effort. Ripped, distressed, cut-off, with shredded, uneven hems - you limited only with your imagination!

501 Medium Wash High-Rise Distressed Denim ShortsLoving Good Vibrations Medium Wash Distressed Cutoff ShortsLight Wash Distressed Denim Cutoff ShortsKylee Light Wash Distressed High Rise Denim Cutoff Shorts

Unlike last year, this season's trends cover all variants of styling your jean shorts. You can safely take completely distressed or pure blue denim mom shorts and will look stylish.

Your attractive summer look with new shorts

Everything you need for a great summer vacation

And what do you say about denim paperbags? They just gaining popularity but you can be sure, they hit the peak this season and next.

Dancing Queen Medium Wash Denim Paper Bag Waist ShortsMedium Wash Distressed Low-Rise Denim Cutoff ShortsTroublemaker Light Wash Distressed High-Rise Denim Cutoff ShortsLight Wash Mid-Rise Super Destroyed Shorts

Or maybe it's better to take a pair of black denim shorts?

Lots of great options and you feel confused? Take a look at these blacks. Yeah, blue is a classic and on the top of popularity but sometimes you want to be different, right?

Black denim shorts are an excellent choice for creating a contrasting black and white summer look with an oversized tee and high-waisted jean shorts.

Gigi Washed Black Denim Distressed Cutoff ShortsDrift Away Black Denim Cutoff ShortsTroublemaker Washed Black High-Rise Denim Cuffed ShortsBlack Button-Fly Distressed Denim Cutoff Shorts

White denim shorts as a gold mean for a summer romantic outfit

It happens, you are in a romantic mood and don't want to shine. At such moments, you want to leave contrasting clothes in the closet and wear something neutral.

White denim shorts are perfectly suited for romantic persons. Moreover, they are like a versatile pair to any top in your summer outfit. Just look, white jean shorts go well with a bright tee, white tank top, or even bikini bra.

Dusters White High Waisted Distressed Denim Cutoff ShortsDrift Away White Denim Cutoff ShortsParker White High-Waisted Cutoff Denim ShortsButtoned Up White Denim Distressed Shorts

Need more options? Let's go through the prints

Despite the many great options above, sometimes you look for something unusual. For example, you want to change your usual style or experiment with something new.

In that case, you should consider unexpected colors and unusual print for your new outfit. A great start would be wearing a plain top with cotton printed shorts.

Harper Blue Chambray Paper Bag Waist ShortsLaguna Blue Striped High Waist ShortsJemima White Paper Bag Waist ShortsYana Black and White Leopard Print Tie-Front Shorts

Also, show me lounge shorts

Of course, we can't forget about lounge shorts as they maximum comfortable for wearing at home. Just imagine, weekend, you don't need to go out and will be sitting at home all day. What are the most comfortable clothes for home coziness?

Yes, shorts are the number one choice and we want them to be soft and in pastel tones to match our lounge mood. 

Daily Adventures Beige Paperbag Waist ShortsEasy to Chill Washed Black Fleece Drawstring Lounge ShortsLiving Leisurely Blush Ribbed Knit Drawstring ShortsRoad Trippin' Terracotta Shorts

When preparing for the summer and thinking about your summer wardrobe, you will definitely have to choose shorts. And it definitely will not be one pair.

Choosing shorts, think of a few street outfits with denim shorts, a couple of cotton shorts keep for summer vacation travel, and at least one pair for a home lounge. Let your summer be bright, hot, and fun!