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No Efforts - No Style



Don't lose yourself trying to look cool

Each of us probably knows the feeling when one small detail spoils the entire styling. Even if you think you've taken care of everything, from hairstyles to shoes.

Typically, in cases like this, you need someone to look over every detail of your outfit. A professional stylist or fashion designer would be a great option, but what if you can't find one?

Let's look at some obvious mistakes that you can avoid when creating your new elegant look.

Loose casual outfit for men

Stick to the style

Once you've chosen the style you want to wear, don't go too far experimenting with the details.

For a loose, casual styling combining a flowing shirt and ripped jeans, it is not a good idea to add classic black patent shoes to your outfit.

Slippers or casual sneakers would be definitely a better choice.

Black and white casual outfit for men

It is time to let skinny jeans go

Although skinny jeans can be worn with some styles, they are not a good choice for a mature look.

Consider wearing classic or straight cuts, and certainly not torn ones.

Let's leave tight clothes to teenagers who struggle to gain attention.

White polo and grey pants for a casual look

Watch out for patterns

Some unusual pattern combinations may turn out to be successful, but most of them leave you with mixed feelings.

Polka dots have been one of the most popular patterns for years, and yet they have a fun and slightly frivolous image. Make sure you want to give this impression.

Combining solid colors (e.g. white, gray, black) will create a more solid look.