The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women

Color and monochrome tattoo design ideas on the most seductive female body parts

Today, a tattoo will not surprise anyone. It became so popular and already has turned into a some kind of art. And like every art, tattoos have their own styles and creativities, but the most important are trends. Tattoo trends do not change as quickly as fashion, but nevertheless, every year new and interesting ideas appear that are worth considering in more detail.

Under booty tattoo ideas

Let's start with the most delicious part of the body in my opinion, from the booty. Under booty tattoo is almost a classic. Every girl who loves a tattoo already has or dreams of getting such. And no surprise, it's sexy, seductive and offers a thousand different art options to choose from.

It all started with delicate lace ornaments from stockings. Today's trends are increasingly a variety of stylish inscriptions or unusual bird designs. I think it's still worth showing a little imagination if you're going to get a tattoo under your booty. It will stay with you for a long time, so it's worth coming up with something unique.

Breasts tattoos

The second most popular place for a tattoo among women is, of course, the breasts. This is sexy, isn't it? Above, below, from the side, between or directly on top of them. There are an incredible number of options and all kinds of designs. From large figures to small graceful designs. Inscriptions and ornaments, colored and monochrome, all options are suitable. There are no special influences of modern trends here, choose what you like and do not hesitate to experiment.

The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women
The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women

Tattoo on the back

The bare female back is as seductive as the long legs or the deep neckline. Of course, tattoo lovers did not ignore this body part. Most often, you may see various angel wings on female back, but I personally like unusual patterns that go from the shoulder blades to the hips.

The main trends today are oriental motives. A large colored dragon that starts from the shoulders and goes down to the bottom of the thigh looks very mesmerizing. Also, various oriental patterns and ornaments are perfect here. Do not miss the opportunity to choose original art that perfectly emphasizes your curves, passing all over your body.

On the lower lip

Rapidly gaining popularity trend is a playful and exciting tattoo on the lower lip. More suitable for young girls, of course, but I think any women can try. 

A delicate line starting on the lip and continuing down the chin to the neck, what could be more exciting? Or maybe you are a romantic person and want to express yourself in a more restrained way? Then let it be a small flower or a flying swallow.

Hip tattoo

The classic choice of body part for a tattoo. Most women choosing where to get a tattoo choose the thigh. This is a great option to showcase your new art in both a swimsuit and a short dress. Just like with the back tattoo, classic motifs such as delicate patterns or floral motifs are trending here.

It is worth remembering that such a tattoo will change slightly when walking and therefore it is worth choosing neutral motives or extended designs for the hip.

The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women

Tattoo on the hand

Many people today choose a tattoo on their arm. It is a desire to show everyone their choice of art. Perhaps this is somewhat for the show, but such tattoos are often the first choice for those who are just starting to get acquainted with this art.

For beginners, I would suggest starting with small, neutral drawings, as it will be difficult to change anything later. But if you are firmly determined, then you can then consider several new interesting options such as delicate wings, decorative inscriptions and oriental motives.

The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women

Wrist tattoo

Continuing the previous point, I want to tell you separately about the tattoo on the wrist. The wrist is a rather intimate area and tattoo on it should be graceful and sophisticated. Perhaps a heart or an inscription in written font. This is a favorite place for modest people who have only one tattoo.

The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women

Tattoo on legs

Despite the fact that the tattoo on the thigh is the most popular place, the tattoo on the legs is especially worth highlighting. This is very seductive place. Often women choose the stocking lace pattern, various bows or roses with spikes. The bolder may add a gun or knife. In any case, it looks very sexy, especially when a little peeks out from under the miniskirt.

The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women

On the shoulder tattoo

The final positon in my list is a romantic shoulder tattoo. I don’t know about you, but I always want to kiss such a shoulder when I see a cute tattoo with hearts or butterflies on it. Perfect for a T-shirt that falls on one shoulder or a light summer sundress.

The 9 most erotic tattoo trends this year for women

Finally, as always, I want to wish you to choose your place for tattoo and art wisely. The best approach would be to get a temporary tattoo first to make sure it suits you and then you can get a permanent one.


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