Incredible beauty redesign of the legendary Rolls-Royce coupe in a modern way headline


Incredible beauty redesign of the legendary Rolls-Royce coupe in a modern way


A classic luxury car can be innovative and striking at a glance

Owning an expensive luxury car is a kind of introduction to high society. Especially when it comes to such a legendary classic brand as Rolls Royce.

For a long time, like the author of this masterpiece, I was struck by the attention to details in the cars of this brand, and at the same time, the almost complete absence of changes in design. Of course, traditions and heritage are strong here. Most owners are likely to appreciate the invariable classic look. And I respect this approach. But at the same time, watching how fashion trends change in automotive design, I want to see the same shifts in this truly legendary brand.

Perhaps my wishes will never come true. But today, we have the opportunity to enjoy the concept created on the basis of the Rolls-Royce Coupé, but already taking into account all modern trends. Thanks to the incredible talent and progressive vision of the author of the concept, Ivan Venkov, one can imagine how the redesign of this legendary model might look. In my subjective opinion, such a redesign did not lose at all, but even gained. New lines, optics, an aggressive look, all this is combined very harmoniously, forcing to peer into each bend. Well, how do you like this redesign? Does it have the right to life?

Curved outline of the chassis is inspired by the iconic Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud produced by Rolls-Royce Limited from April 1955 to March 1966.

Rolls Roys coupe from classic look to cutting-edge modern way

Spirit of Ecstasy was re-designed - or better said, sculptured completely anew with more detail and steered to a more true meaning of a "sculpture" rather than a visual pendant.

Outstanding redesign of luxury Rolls Roys coupe. Front view
New redesigned Spirit of Ecstasy looks awesome with the new design
Front left side of redesigned Rolls Roys coupe. Main focus on the black wheel
Rear left side of redesigned luxury car Rolls Roys coupe
The car of dreams. Black Rolls Roys coupe in futuristic design
Rear optics of redesigned legendary Rolls Roys coupe
Just want to seat and drive that incredible black Rolls Roys coupe
Great rear optics of redesigned luxury black Rolls Roys coupe
Gold painted luxury Rolls Roys coupe in autumn forest
Rear view of legendary redesigned Rolls Roys coupe (gold version)
Predatory look of fearsome Rolls Roys coupe on the road
Snowy white version of redesigned
luxury auto Rolls Roys coupe
Outstanding design and luxury style united in redesigned new Rolls Roys coupe

Rolls-Royce Coupé is a personal design concept illustrating a more sculptural execution of the Rolls-Royce aesthetics.

The reasoning behind such aesthetics is the lagging visual advancement over the current Rolls-Royce line that falls behind more agile brands and the concept serves as an example how to introduce more dynamic and contemporary aesthetics while holding onto the famed "presence" aspect of the brand.

Note: This is a personal design concept project and has no ties or bearing to the Rolls-Royce brand.