Ideas for creating the perfect look of a stylish modern man for the coming spring headline


Ideas for creating the perfect look of a stylish modern man for the coming spring


Perfect combinations of strict color shades and prints for a business and casual style

I think it’s not worth talking about how it is important to follow fashion trends. Although men's fashion does not change as much as women’s fashion, there are some changes every year. Today I will touch on the main trends of the classic business and casual style relevant for the coming spring.

To begin with, it is worth answering the question, what is the main color theme relevant this year? Here, so far, without any special shifts. Casual looks repeat the trends of last year with the main emphasis on restrained warm colors. A warm gray sweater over the shirt still looks relevant. And pants are moving more and more to a comfortable jeans cut. But shoes, on the contrary, are becoming stricter and striving for a classic style. At the same time, color combinations for casual outfits are becoming more free. At fashion shows you can find more catchy and unexpected combinations.

Well, the business outfit is also becoming bolder. Increasingly, brighter shades, more contrasting and expressive patterns and prints are used. Pink shirts and vibrant ties are becoming more popular then ever. You can also find a classic business suit with different colors of a jacket and pants. Such dramatic shifts are associated with modern trends in the business world and have become widespread. This direction seems rather interesting to me and gives much more opportunities for imagination in choosing own individual look.

All the same, we live in a very versatile world. And sometimes it’s difficult to follow the current trends of fashion, and at the same time, not to lose your own style. Therefore, I wanted to choose the most successful combinations of colors, prints and shades to help you in creating your own unique look for this spring.

In this collection, the most successful, in my opinion, classic combinations of shirts and ties. And also, several images for cold weather, because spring can be moody. Pay attention to the patterns. Here I stuck to a strict and elegant style to create the most traditional business style. But, also, I added some more daring options for those who are not afraid of experimentation. The main thing, remember, your appearance is a reflection of your inner world. Dress smartly.

Comfortable look for stylish men especially for cold spring season
Idea for perfect combination of grey or blue shirt and square printed tie
Tips to combine white or pink shirt and bright red tie in business look
Ideas how to combine restrained colours of shirt, suit and tie in business look for men
Progressive and modern look for businessman which combine pink shirt and dark coloured tie
Classic business look for men with light shirt and dark suit and various options for printed tie
Elegant look perfect for business meeting with right color combination of suit, shirt and tie
Ideas for casual look for men on coming spring. Grey blazer or sweater in stripe print
Perfect combination of plain coloured gloves and scarf with squared print
Classic elegant style for men for everyday office work or business meeting
Fashionable casual or business looks for men perfect for the end of winter and the beginning of spring
Inspirational tips for ideal combination of shoes and belt to stay in fashion trends
Stylish casual looks for coming season for men. Classic elegance is always in trends

KETROY's EcoTech Collection is a reflection of our everyday life, in which heat is interwoven the nature that surrounds us and the progress of human knowledge, where work processes require periods of restrained "steel" classics with permissible color luxury in detail, and sometimes carry away with more vivid combinations reminding us that spring always comes after cold weather.