The best ideas of men's classic outfits for the cold season headline


The best ideas of men's classic outfits for the cold season


The most successful combination of wardrobe pieces for a perfect look

When preparing your wardrobe for the cold season, it is very important to make sure that all the details of the clothes can be harmoniously combined with each other. Today I will touch on the theme of the classic elegant image of a modern man.
Since my task is to help pick up several outfits, I will try to dwell on every aspect in detail.
First, of course, a suit. Today, calm dark tones with a faint print in the form of lines or squares are in trends. The cut is mostly classic, although some minor changes are possible to give more personality. You can safely choose between a two-piece suit and a three-piece suit; here it depends on preferences.
The second, but no less important, is the shoes. All the same classic style and classic austere colors. Although, sometimes, non-standard bright shades are acceptable, we are living in the 21st after all.
A tie is already an obligatory attribute of the classic style of a modern gentleman. A little earlier, men tried to get rid of this uncomfortable piece of clothing, but now it captures fashion trends again. It is worth to choose a tie wisely, because this is a reflection of your character.
Shirt. This is the connecting link between the suit and tie. It should ideally harmonize with one and another piece of your outfit. Try to choose plain or with a small discreet print. This is the most winning option.

Good-looking man dressed in squared jacket, shirt with vest and tie
Tip for combination of a jacket, tie and gloves. Perfect for autumn or winter
Idea of combining a white shirt with different ties, striped or patterned
Elegant and strict classic men
Good combination of dark colours and materials for blazer and wallet
Classic outfits for businessmen. Ideal for meetings or summits
Combination of light blue shirt and violet cufflink
Another idea for businessman& Blue strict suite, violet shirt and tie
Combination of black classic shoes and black belt
Black and brown embossed bags in crocodile style
Idea for winter men
Win-win combination of grey blazer and squared or violet patterned tie
Accessories for classic look for man. Squared or plain scarf and black gloves

Well, now about the accessories. A bag, gloves, a scarf, a wallet, what to take depends only on your imagination. In colors, absolute freedom of choice, starting from the usual classic shades, ending with the most extraordinary combinations.
Take a look at the photos above to get a shot of inspiration for your next look.