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Refined and unsurpassed art of men's style


To look good, sometimes enough good taste and sense of style, but it is better to know some tricks

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It can be incredibly difficult to find a stylish and attractive look for yourself sometimes. And for those men who are always at the peak of trends, this difficult task is relevant for every day. Here, in El-Style, we try to give valuable advice on how to combine pieces of clothing, colors and materials to look stunning.

Maybe you noticed that the Internet is full of similar guides and articles. And they all provide some useful tips. Here, we try to collect the most complete selection of recommendations on how to dress a modern man to look expensive, stylish, representative and modern.

Since this article is about costumes, I will start with the choice of color. And it's not as clear as it may seem at first sight. Of course, you should rely on your own preferences in the first place, but there are some "tacit" rules on the selection of color for the costume depending on the situation.

You may already be know, that gray or blue color for a suit being a classic choice for your daily business look. But the trick is that some deep shades of blue and dark-dark grey are more suitable for solid business meetings, forums and presentations than for office routine. So if you choose a casual suit, choose subdued and discreet tones. But the variety of patterns can be any. Any lines, squares, bright lines, all that is appropriate and even help to make your look more unique.

Elegant man in the dark blue suit and brown shoes. Good taste

Next in line are shirts and sweaters. What you wear under your jacket depends directly on where you're going. For a daily work in office, you can use almost any color shirt or sweater. Here, in my opinion, the material is more important because it has to be pleasant to the skin. Although, there is one important recommendation - try to avoid white. Still, it's more suitable for holidays and ceremonies.

Confident man in great graphite suit that ideally combined with white shirt
Gentleman's outfit for man it's stylish blue jacket in squares and grey pants
Casual fashionable look in dark blue colours with dark pullover

Shoes. What you wear on your feet also depends on what look you choose and where you go. Here, I'm sure you won't make the mistake of wearing sneakers for business lunch. Also, leave the patent leather shoes for the tuxedo. Whatever's dictating fashion trends right now is not the right shoe for every day. In any case, the basic rule is - it should be comfortable.

Holiday men's look in classic colours: white jacket, black pants and black patent shoes
Business outfit for meetings in grey or graphite half-tones

I'll touch briefly the outfits for special occasions. It's best if you have an expensive tailor-made suit from a famous brand in your wardrobe. If you don't, you could use a rental to help.

Choose a dark blue suit without patterns or a two-color option with a light top and dark bottom. If you're going to the wedding or on the red carpet, you should wear a tuxedo. White, best for a central role, like if you're the father of the bride or a show host. In other cases, black is more appropriate.

Squared grey men's suit with white shirt for every day style
Cocktail or evening party men's look: vest, shirt, pants and low-top trainers

And what are your preferences in choosing a suit for a business meeting or office work? Share in the comments.