The challenges we are forced to take

Sometimes, life seems like a completely unpredictable situation for us. Until this moment, it seems to you that everything is happening naturally and you fully control the events. But something extraordinary happens, sudden, and you confused, like a little child who lost, standing there, looking around, and unable to understand how it all happened.
Such cases are not uncommon. And, in fact, this is not an evil fate. Perhaps before this, your life has slowed down, everything has started to happen too quietly and you cease to grow. Or all of the events came to the moment when you need to make completing the chord. The reason, indeed, is not important, just the time has come when you need to make a jump, leap forward.
Such moments are too valuable to get rid of them. At such moments, you must gather your will, all your strength and make a step forward. Because it is a test, an exam, a transition to a new level. And if you pass it with dignity, in the end, be sure, rewards are waiting for you.
The most important thing is that such moments make you strong, strengthen your self-esteem and inspire for new accomplishments. So, do not stop, walk, conquer the peaks, become the master of your life.

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