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Latest street styles for men


11 cool urban looks to wear this spring/summer

It's not every time you wear your formal attire and of course most of the time loose and casual is our main style. But what if we want to talk about urban styles for men today? Outfits that have become a staple for many, especially for the spring/summer season.

When choosing a stylish urban outfit, you first of all focus on convenience. But in this article I want to give examples of not only comfortable but stylish outfits to conquer the fashion trends of this time of the year.

Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2016 Parkour Style

Men's business casual fashion trends

Loose urban style for lazy weekends

From the roots of loose and comfortable homewear, street style grows and, of course, has acquired many new elements, but has not lost the main theme of its source. This is how the free urban style was born, designed to combine home and street attire.

Now there is no need to change clothes when going out while remaining in style. Now there is no need to change clothes when going out. Loose jeans, hoodie t-shirts and shirts go well together. And now, you just need to wear your the most fashionable sneakers to complete the outfit.

Latest street styles for men
Full of comfort, loose urban style comes straight from homewear

Black is the new black

I can’t say that black has ever lost popularity. On the contrary, the black outfit has acquired signs of a classic and even elegant style. Undoubtedly, urban black is one of the main choices for any season.

Be sure to dilute your black look with some colored elements. An excellent choice would be the contrast of a white T-shirt, sneakers and some accessories.

Latest street styles for men
Black urban style is an undeniable classic for any season

Bright return of style of the 90s

It is undeniable that in the late 90s a whole trend of fashionable style was formed. Washed jeans, untucked shirt and loose sleeves are important and significant elements for a whole generation.

It's great that this season we can see such a bright return of the 90s style, refined with modern motifs. Blue ripped jeans and a denim shirt just make a statement of their roots, while a loose t-shirt, perhaps even an oversized one, is a brilliant addition to the new style.

Latest street styles for men
Outstanding return of the once popular style of the 90s

Enjoy relaxed dress style

Oversized relaxed style never seems to go out of style. From time to time we have seen some elements or even whole looks on the latest catwalks. Moreover, every popular designer or brand has included relaxed clothing in their collection at least once.

Undoubtedly, today we are also pleased to see how this style enjoys well-deserved popularity among young people. Oversized hoodie, skinny or wide pants, an untucked t-shirt and casual sneakers, all these are elements of a modern relaxed style.

Latest street styles for men
Free style is one of the most favorite among young people today

Polished Instagram look

I have to admit that social networks are a significant part of our lives. And now, it is not only a means of communication, but also a way to promote both brands and modern culture. Modern fashion trends today are actively broadcast through social networks to reach everyone.

It was only a matter of time while the Insta fashion was formed. Expensive brands, sports cars and other attributes of a luxurious life have become the hallmark of popular Instagram bloggers. And of course that polished Instagram style... 

Latest street styles for men
A chic look without a certain style - this is what Instagram style looks like

Only torn clothes

And although the peak of the popularity of torn clothes has passed, it would seem. Today, not everyone is willing to give up this casual style.

Now any item of clothing can be torn. Jeans, jacket dress and even sneakers. Wearing this style, it is important to maintain moderation so as not to look ridiculous.

Latest street styles for men
Torn clothes are still on the peak

Every piece of clothing is important

It is worth considering that every piece of clothing affects the overall style. Especially if it's outerwear.

When choosing a coat, jacket or cape, try to keep in mind what kind of final look you expect. Actually, color and material matter. After all, even ordinary casual clothes have their own distinctive features.

Latest street styles for men
A regular cape can change any style

Diluting the look with accessories

No look is complete without accessories. Whether it's casual, business or even elegant outfit, accessories are incredibly important in all cases.

Of course, when you're wearing a casual style, you can be free to choose accessories to complete the look. But even then, a casual outfit can be overloaded with a bunch of accessories. Just remember, accessories are an addition, not part of the look!

Latest street styles for men
Even an umbrella can be a good accessory for a casual look

Never forget bags

A bag, like any other accessory, also perfectly complements the look. And casual style is no exception!

A lightweight sport bag, a duffel bag, or even a backpack are all great choices to complete today's street style.

Latest street styles for men
A bag today is no longer only a convenient accessory, but also a fashionable addition to the outfit

Play with colors like never before

Why be bored when the warm season has come and this is the best reason to have fun in fresh air? And the best way to cheer yourself up is to wear something bright for a walk.

Feel free to choose juicy vivid colors for your outfit, there are no barriers to casual style, only the opportunity to show your exceptional sense of style.

Latest street styles for men
Mix juicy colors to create a cheerful mood this warm season

Even a dark look deserves attention

Despite the warm weather, great mood and desire to stand out, not everyone wants to be another splash of color in this spring-summer palette.

Somewhat close to the classics, the dark look perfectly reflects the usual street style. Even a completely black outfit is allowed here, without any light detail.

Latest street styles for men
Perfect dark urban look reminiscent of classic urban style