Easily create a modern casual look for this spring-summer headline


Easily create a modern casual look for this spring-summer


Ultimate guide on how to wear casual for the coming season

With the arrival of warm days, you should think about an appropriate outfit. Today I want to draw your attention to several important details when creating your casual look.

But first, I have to say that a modern men's casual look is much more than just comfortable everyday wear. Today it is a whole cultural trend with many ramifications and approaches and not just another fashionable style.

Every one of us wants to look good every day and the first right thing to do is make a little effort to create an appropriate wardrobe. In this article, I will try to cover all necessary rules and tips on how to easily make your existing look more trendy and even create a completely new one.

So what you should focus on to make your favorite casual spring-summer look with minimum efforts?

Stock up on accessories

The first thing to start with is of course accessories. Using various accessories is the easiest way to improve your old look or create a brand new one. But what exactly should be the focus?

As you see, only three positions can completely change your outfit! It is not necessary to use them all at once but highly recommended.

Tip: take five-six different bracelets on one hand, today this way is extremely popular among men.

Perfect business casual look
Perfect business casual look

Style or comfort? No need to choose if this is Eton Shirts

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The way you feel great in any situationcredits
The way you feel great in any situation
Just get more formalcredits
Just get more formal

A white shirt is a must-have

Despite the abundance of T-shirts, a usual white shirt is gaining more and more popular among fashion influencers. Without pushing a polo shirt aside. Today, I'd rather say you can observe a harmonious use of these three main types of outerwear.

Nevertheless, I am incredibly excited about the return of the shirts. Especially white shirts, because with a white top, the casual men's look becomes more sophisticated. And another important detail is the emergence of such a versatile style as business casual.

Going to a meeting with friendscredits
Going to a meeting with friends
On the way to workcredits
On the way to work
Looking forward to meetingcredits
Looking forward to meeting

Don't rush to throw your jeans away

You may have noticed that ordinary pants have gradually begun to replace the dominance of jeans. This is a very promising trend because wearing jeans makes the men's casual look boring. Even torn and frayed jeans did not save the situation.

Meanwhile, regular pants came and changed men's casual style forever. Now every man can easily create his look not based on jeans alone. Moreover, the abundance of choice is also unlimited:

This variety gives us more opportunities to use casual style. Whether you're heading to the office, meeting friends, or even on vacation, you can still choose, mix and match to create comfortable casual outfits. But if you like jeans, do not rush to throw them away. They are still in trend and you can safely wear them this season.

Elegance and sophisticationcredits
Elegance and sophistication
Stylish streetwear classicscredits
Stylish streetwear classics
Eye-catching outfit to impress
Eye-catching outfit to impress

Pick up sneakers

Casual shoes are a piece of clothing with a million variations! Starting from loafers and slip-ons to running sneakers. All of them are appropriate to use in today's casual style, generally not adhering to any rules. You can take any color, any style, and still look amazing.

Of course, there are a few wishes. If you going business casual, you should consider monochrome shoes, ideally pure white to match your shirt. In all other cases, casual sneakers will be a perfect choice. 

Missed the bus
Missed the bus
No problem, I'll wait for anothercredits
No problem, I'll wait for another
Ready for a long walk
Ready for a long walk

A little about hairstyle

Your hairstyle directly affects your overall look. Consider this as yet another fashion accessory. So pick one of the trendy hairstyles and hurry to the hairdresser.

One of the benefits of a hairstyle is the ability to change it whenever you want, depending on the look you are creating. In general, neatness, good flavor, and manners create as much impression as clothes. So keep your finger on pulse!

Chic street style
Chic street style
It couldn't be more formal for a casual business outfit
It couldn't be more formal for a casual business outfit

Following these tips, you can easily create a modern casual look suitable for different occasions. Thanks to the huge selection of clothing pieces and accessories, you can combine different items to create unique casual looks.