Men's fashion trendsetters we recommend to follow headline


Men's fashion trendsetters we recommend to follow


Our Favorite Male Fashion Influencers on Instagram

It's no secret that we are all looking for the latest and greatest fashion trends on social media. And Instagram is one of the most popular.

Of course, every new runway collection from leading brands such as Dolce & Gabbana or Ralph Lauren is the most anticipated. But the main trendsetters are still popular fashion bloggers and influencers.

Here I've rounded up some of our favorite male fashion bloggers who have been the most popular trendsetters over the years and I am definitely encourage you to follow them.

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First of all, I want to emphasize that this list is purely subjective. This is not a top and not all of our favorite influencers are represented here.

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel magic_fox is one of the most popular bloggers not only on Instagram but also on other social networks. And, of course, he is on our list!

Today, he is not only an influencer, but also a successful entrepreneur representing a line of clothing and jewelry for men.

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Great example of stunning style and inspiration for many men

Kosta Williams

Representing the casual but also elegant style, Kosta Williams is undoubtedly a role model for the modern man. Now you know how a successful person looks like.

Always perfectly color-matched style keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in men's casual fashion. And his Instagram page is a treasure for true fashion addicts.

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Relaxed casual style for the perfect vacation

Christopher Korey

The elegant style will never go out of fashion, and the classic gentleman's look remains one of the most in demand among men. And it doesn't matter if you like such a style or not, the classic gentleman's outfit is always associated with refined taste.

Christopher Korey is one of the best examples of elegance and aristocratic style. And it feels like there is a hint of sophistication and refinement in his outfits.

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White elegance in a refined gentleman's style

Justus Frederic Hansen

It's always important to be flexible with your style. Then you will never get stuck in a situation where you want to have a separate outfit for each occasion or event.

Especially in this case, we focus on smart casual. Harmonious combinations of classic jackets with turtlenecks or even a T-shirt are exactly what we are looking for and Justus Frederic Hansen has them all.

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Choosing a striped suit for emphasized individuality

Melik Kam

What do you think of when you are looking for a bright yet stylish outfit. Not an easy task, right? But Melik Kam knows the trick.

Sometimes unexpected, but always successful color combinations with elegance and chic are the showcase of this undoubtedly stylish man.

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Who said that a suit with rolled up sleeves and trousers can't be elegant?

Leonida Ferrarese

We all love to follow successful and active men. Their lifestyle, habits, expensive cars and yachts, clothes and accessories, of course. But behind every such success story is hard work.

When you overcome all difficulties, you turn into such a successful person, with perfect taste, style, appearance and opportunities that you can dream of. Leonida Ferrarese is a great inspiration to start changing your life right now.

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Casual but elegant outfit for a successful evening meeting

Andreas Linder

Hard work will surely lead to success. And it is important not to forget not only about your style, but also about your body, because it is an important part of your look.

Looking at Andreas Linder, we see excellent work with both style and body. This is a great example of how you can combine sports life and work in style.

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Great vacation outfit for outings and restaurant

Kim Andersson

Smart casual has become one of the main trends in men's fashion. Stylish and comfortable clothing for any event or event is a must-have in every man's wardrobe.

And when you're looking for the right way to wear this kind of outfit, your best bet is to check out Kim Andersson's Instagram page, where you can find amazing looks to inspire for any occasion in life.

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Smart casual as a universal style for any occasion

David Gandy

Not all fashion bloggers and influencers go for the casual or elegant style. Some of them remain true to high fashion trends. They take part in fashion shows and photo shoots and bring us their vision.

David Gandy shows us his fashion and high class lifestyle. Elegant outfits, photo shoots for popular men's magazines and an incredible sense of style - these are the traits that you want to follow.

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A stylish squared jacket with a denim shirt as an incredible mix of the styles

Nick Bateman

There are people who are not only fashion influencers, but also a great example of not forgetting other important aspects of life.

Family and children are still the most important values in our life. Nick Bateman brings them all to life while remaining a stylish icon and a wonderful person to follow.

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A charcoal suit and a white shirt are a classic combo to have in your elegant wardrobe

Omar Spaneshi

Light and free smart casual style will become a classic in a few years. Every man who follows fashion has several of such outfits in the wardrobe.

Comfortable and progressive style for young people who know what they want from life and follow this path. Effortless color combinations and superb style create stylish looks that inspire everyone.

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Warm colors and effortless style are the key to a smart everyday look

Valentin Benet

It's hard to imagine a more masculine style than a biker leather jacket, straight-leg jeans and rough boots. This is what a real man should look like.

Valentin Benet embodies everything we want to see in a real man: a great hairstyle, an impeccable outfit and a motorcycle. 

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It is the style that all the boys who want to become men aspire to

Moritz Taylor

Fashion is multifaceted. And men's fashion is also trying to be diverse and unusual. Not every style is guessed at first sight, but certainly has its own thread.

Being in search of your own style, going through all possible trends, one day you stop at one and make it part of your life. Following Moritz Taylor, we stay at the forefront of the most important trends in men's fashion.

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The way you look and act is part of your own style

Mariano Di Vaio

A bright and cheerful personality is what we are looking for to follow on social networks. Such people inspire us to do good deeds, to become better every day.

Mariano Di Vaio gives us the opportunity to enjoy his impeccable style at work, on vacation, at an event or with family. We admire his ability to remain a fashion icon in any situation.

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Bold black style for a motorcycle ride

Guillaume Bo

Guillaume Bo is for us the embodiment of the style of a real gentleman in the modern world. Absolutely flawless outfits, perfectly matched accessories, discreet colors, everything we expect to see for an elegant style.

Here, not only suits and tailcoats, a real gentleman looks good in any situation. Therefore, leather jackets, sweaters and shirts also have a worthy place in his wardrobe.

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A stunning dark striped three-piece suit and a hat will show the true gentleman